TEAM and PRE TEAM TRYOUTS MONDAY, June 29th @ 7pm Call for details!! Come and Join our Ultimate Family!!!!


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Monday       Wednesday    
9am Mommy and Me            
10am PRE SCHOOL            
        2pm PRE SCHOOL 2pm Mommy and Me  
230pm  Intermediate Gymnastics 230 pm Beginner Tumble 230 pm Advanced Gymnastics        
        3pm PARKOUR   3pm   Beginner Gymnastics
330 pm Intermediate Tumble 330 pm Young Beginner Intro 330 pm   Beginner Gymnastics        
        4pm Intermediate Tumble   4pm  Trampoline
430 pm  Beginner Gymnastics 430 pm  Back hand springs          
        5pm  Beginner Tumble 5pm  Young Beginner Intro 5pm  Back hand springs
530 pm  Beginner Tumble 530 pm  Trampoline          
        6pm  Intermediate Tumble 6pm  Beginner Gymnastics 6pm  Advanced Gymnastics
630 Advanced Tumble with Renee            


A Message From Renee Ruggeri, Owner Ultimate Gymnastics, LLC…..

While we are diligently preparing for our reopening, we realize that we cannot both be open to the public and prevent 100% of all germs. We are proud and confident in the policies and procedures we have put in place that meet or exceed all government recommendations and CDC guidelines. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, it will require the support and participation of the entire Ultimate Gymnastics family.

We are so excited to finally be preparing to open. This can only be accomplished by turning the dial gradually and not just flipping the switch. We need to ensure the highest levels of safety and responsibility are achieved.

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all our students and families is going to take work and cooperation from our staff, athletes, and parents. We need every family to do their part to practice good hygiene, follow our policies and procedures, and be patient and supportive of our athletes and coaches during this time. This is a stressful, unprecedented, and challenging situation for all of us. It is important to remember we all share the same goal, a safe return of our children’s lives to a sense of normalcy.

The official guidance for gymnastics and indoor-youth sports programs from the government is not very detailed. Ultimate Gymnastics has been following the recommendations and standards as they evolve. USA Gymnastics (our national governing body) has set forth guidelines as recommended by the CDC. Ultimate Gymnastics has created a customized set of policies and procedures and will be opening the doors soon.

Online registration for Classes, Day Camps and Return to practice AVAILABLE NOW.  As we return to the gym, please take precautions and do not send your student to participate if you are not comfortable doing so.  We trust our customers to stay at home if not feeling well or sick. 

Whether you are a returning student or new family interested in Ultimate, we welcome you by registering your information online.  The Delmont location will be open in June for limited enrollment.  

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Renee Ruggeri


DELMONT 724.468.3845 



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