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Beginner Gymnastics - 1 hour   Tuesdays  5pm,  Wed 5pm,  Sat 10am

Intermediate Gymnastics - 1 hour  Tuesdays 6pm, Wed 6pm, Sat 11am

Beginner Tumble - 1hour - Tuesday 6pm, Wed 6pm, Sat 11am

Intermediate Tumble - 1 hour - Tuesday 5pm, Wed 5pm, Sat 1ma

Beginner Gym / Tumble Combo - 2 hours!!!   Wed 3pm,  Sat 10am

Intemediate Gym / Tumble Combo - 2 hours!!!  Wed 7pm

PRESCHOOL  -  Monday 415,  Wed 9am

Mommy / Me   Monday 515,  Wed 9am


COVID-19 Updates:

Ultimate is commited to providing a safe environment for families while still allowing our children to lve and play and be active. If you have been in close contact with anyone diagnosed or for any reason feel sick, uncomfortable or have a fever then we ask that you refrain from class or practice until you are free or symptoms.  

We recently had an Ultimate member test positive and all necessary authorities were in contact.  Familes were notified if they may have been in close proximity.  We will continue to take precautions and clean and sanitize the gym.  Hand santizer is readily avalable and we are doing some extra cleaning between lessons.

We encourage everyone to stay safe and do what you can to stay healthy. If you have personal questions or concerns please call the gym........






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