There will be a "tryout" for classes and ultmites

on Tues, Wed May 9, 10,  2023 during class time. 

Tell all your friends!  


As for levels for next year. I will be scheduling meetings with parents and coaches to discuss.  However, the coaches and I have talked and we will be establishing "check lists" for levels. We will not necessarly assign levels until late summer or early  fall based on skills and requirements for each level.





Selection for team

Initial level placement and advancement form one level to another will be determined by the Ultimate coaching staff.   

 Keep in mind that team participation is by invitation only.  


Pre-Competitive Level USAG - Junior Olympic Competiton


Preteam / Ultimites


 This is our entry pre-competitive level and will be offered to members after coach’s evaluation.

Some in-house competitions may be available. They will perform at our home meets in January and March.


Attend: 2 hours per week -   1 day per week 

Cost:  $125 month